Friday, June 29, 2007

1.0 threat status...

I have a little bit of time before work starts so I might as well update this thing.

Im very happy to see my friend named Friday even though this week seemed to fly by. Chris is coming today to bring the goodness that happens to be moolattes...if i spelled that right. That will be nice. Ill probably be shelf reading today which I dont mind as long as I have breaks in between sections. Pretty much what happens is...
1. You find one of those little "kwik stand" things Kates and I like to call "R2" and use it to be able to see the top 2 shelves

2. You then become resourceful and use that as a little chair to read the next 3 shelves

3. You sit on the ground to finish the column

4.Try to motivate yourself to get up and start over

And I think there are about 7 columns in each shelf...its really not so bad...just the getting up part is

Other than all of that I love working here! I did last summer as well and its just as good.

Well...thats my life right now. Share yours today!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Exclusive Access...

I saw that on Kate's (or i guess she would want it to be spelled this way "kates'")Dr. Pepper bottle so I thought Id put it on. Amish! Yay! Im excited! I wanna get a horse and call it Yoder. Actually before we bought Smokey, we thought we could get a puppy from the Amish or around "Amish country". We decided that if we did, he would be called Yoder. But, I dwell in the past, we have Smokey the Wonder Dog! Yaaaaaay! And Jess has Apollo! Yay!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Book fine

Dont be afraid of posting on the wall katie! facebook wont bite!

Hi people...all...2 of you. Just wanted to put a new post up here.