Thursday, June 30, 2005

Purified Drinking Water

I got payed today! Yay!!!! More money for Damon's nights! Yay! Band is going pretty well! Its nice because we actually go through each measure and look at every note. Now everyone should actually know how to play. Well, we finally figured it out. I always thought that I couldnt play a low C just because I wasnt putting enough air in the saxophone, but no, its not me, the keys arent closing all the way.(My sweet little Callisto, why must you torment me so?)So once Cal gets better there should be no problem., this calls for a Huzza! Where art thou dog? Buenos Noches! Till then...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Doc Holiday

Yes, I have decided that tombstone is an awesome movie! I love Doc Holiday! He reminds me of Jack Sparrow! Theyre both insane, but it makes it fun. Thats why I think Ill be insane at camp this year. I might scare some people but hey, if you need to add a little insanity into your life to make it fun, by all means, go crazy! GTG.Till then...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Waste Basket

"How much time do we have?"

*students look up at the clock*

"The answer my friends is not on the clock. Not alot , my friends that is the answer, not alot. Every minute is precious. Every second is precious. Especially for all of you. And if the principal comes in here looking for a high back antique leather chair....I was never here."

***********************************NEW SCENE***********************************************
"Hear me my chiefs my heart is weak and sick. Though flesh may turn to dust my soul will stand strong and will soar higher than ever before. Like a distant echo of a beating drum breathing life like the wind, as a part of all living things now and forever.
I really like these quotes. Theyre from an ABC TV movie called, "School of Life."
Cya and till then.........

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cheese out!

Im so pumped right now! Im going to see Switchfoot and Relient K tomorrow!!!! YAY! Im dead tired right now but Im still typing with Cya, till then...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ive been hit!

Yes, I was shot the other day. The story begins at Damons, a steak place. Whenever my crew worked at the dorm across from it, we could smell the food and decided that we would go there and get steak, b/c you have to get steak at Damons. Well, it turned out only two of us actually held up our end of the deal by ordering it. So, Im not exactly sure what happened, it was all so sudden. All I remember is trying to cut this steak while being distracted by jess messing with the tv dial thing at the table, thats when it happened. My clone's account was that she was eating, heard a "bang" looked up and saw me covered in what looked to be blood(it was dark in there) and thinking,"oh my gosh! manda's been shot!" Actually, it wasnt blood, it was A1, but it looked like blood that was all over my face, in my hair, and all over my shirt. I guess you had to be there. Someone must be out to get me though cuz I had another near death experience today at work but I wont get into that. If you really want to know just ask. Its hard to explain. Oh and Chris, youd better update your blog again but you better make it a good post this time! Im joking, Im sure youre busy. Cya guys! Till then...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I go to Rio!

So, I have come to the conclusion that Chris is no longer allowed to stand behind me in any parade/drill/marching...thing. I have decided that he makes me too nervous about shifting in the line("If anyone shifts, I will kill them!") causing me to think about shifting too much which in turn causes me to shift! Im not exactly sure what happened, all I know is that I was thinking about not shifting, and ended up doing just that! Oh, and Chris, you can just try and kill me, I doubt you will be able to do so! Im really not mad at Chris, Im actually mad at myself, but the whole experience did humble me. Well, I got a letter today! It was an invitation from the famous poets soceity, inviting me to the famous poets convention in Reno, not Rio as my title suggests. At this convetion, I would be awarded the famous poet of the year award and a 2005 Famous Poet medallion. lol! This is funny but the funniest part is that it said something about appearing on their tv show and being in some parade. You can tell it's all a scam by the way you have to pay for every little thing you do. lol! Well, Im off! Till then, till then, I am, as I ever was , and ever shall be-yours, yours, yours, yours, yours! Your obidient, 2005 Poet of the Year

Friday, June 17, 2005


My ankle hurts! Id like to take this time to inform Chris that he hasnt posted in, what? A month or something! Thats probably cuz I havent bugged him in a while! Well Chris, prepare to be annoyed! Bwa hahaha! lol! Oh yeah, Batman Beginnings is awesome! Jack Kelly from Newsies is in it! I cant remember his real name so Jack will do. This one is alot better than the old ones. Hmm..ok gtg bye bye! Later days and till then, till then, I am, as I ever was and ever shall be-yours, yours, yours, yours, yours! Saltpeter, John.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Darn that water!

Sooo, work was ok. We did have some more funny moments, lets just say it went alot better than yesterday! Yesterday started out alright but it went downhill quickly. That ok cuz...NO WORK TOMORROW! If I wasnt so tired i get up and do the "laura is magic and can open locked doors" dance!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Its true. Too much glitter can kill you. Well I think so anyway, when you have to vacuum it up. Yes, work was work as usual. The good thing about it is Im meeting new people and you are forced to talk to eachother when walking everywhere. Darn van! I really dont think alot of people could deal with our type of job, as Jess and I were talking about. The trick is to make it fun and not pass out. Hopefully I will always look back at the good times such as "foooom"(the way Jess says foam) and BUCKets! Ok then, busy weekend coming. Later days and till then, till then, I am as I ever was and ever shall be yours, yours, yours, yours, yours! Saltpeter, John. Pins, Abigail. For God's sake, John sit down!
Your obidient, Silverstride (go watch 1776!)
Queen of the Numberts

Friday, June 03, 2005

Non- Carbonated

That's what my bottle of water is! Non-carbonated! Whatever. So I started work today. It wasnt too bad. I mean, it seemed like the day would never end but other than that, it was good.There were alot of memorable moments such as what we found in one of the dorms.What happens is, all of the bosses have radios to contact eachother and their crew, and as you have guessed, each crew has one or two radios. Its kinda fun to listen to some of the calls and todays was great.
Radio calls:
My crew-
"Ryan to John" (John is our boss)
"Yeah Ryan go ahead"
"Uh...John, weve found the source of the smell"
John-(while standing in the physical plant with all of the crew bosses listening)
"What is it?"
"Its the smell of death!"(Someone in the background)
"Well, the color is blue/red/green/wood grain/ magenta..."
"Be there in a sec."
I guess you had to be there. Lol! I hate calling on the radio, but I had to call today cuz eveyone else I was with was scared.(Jess and clone) What was funny about it was that Katie was at the phy. plant talking to John when I called.
Radio call:
"Manda to John"
"Go ahead Manda"
"Um, the whole crew is here and we dont know what to do/where to go next..."
Lol! Fun times!
Oh yeah, whats the name of that vacuum cleaner again? (If you werent there, youll have to ask me about the vacuum and maybe Ill tell you :). Ok, love ya bye bye! Later days!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Im a little tired.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well...........why do I always start my posts out with "well," thats boring. Let me start over.

Huzza! Thats better! So, I really need to get my saxophone fixed soon. I cant keep putting "band"-aids on it to fix it. Ha! Get it..."band" aids! Ha ha ha...sigh*. I know that only a few people read this but I suggest that everyone should listen to the Matt Maher cd, "welcome to life." Its really good! Hmm, some people are on aol...I would welcome a conversation if one were to begin but Im not in the mood to begin one. Sad, huh? Oh yeah, its the last day of school...yay. I guess Im not too happy because one- I start work tomorrow, and two- its raining!:( Sometimes I like rain, but when Im already sad, it doesnt help. Ive been thinking about band camp, I hope everything goes ok. 4:16 and all's well! Sigh* my had hurts, this whole post is quite depressing. I should stop being so sad, actually Im not really as sad as I am tired. Il be fine tomorrow. Huzza! :)