Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Percy Nonsense!

Hello loyal readers!

Since my last post, the semester has ended and I have survived the crucible of exams. I am now back to the crazy Christmas chaos of cookie creations (What alliteration!). It does not really feel like the semester is over just yet. I feel like I am just on a four day break or something and I will be going back to class soon. I almost feel like I need to keep my books or something...actually I always keep some of them because I like the subjects - especially the history ones :)

World War I was an awesome course as expected. I never really thought much about The Great War, except that it came before WWII. I guess what is sad about the study of any war, is that you are able to see the beginnings of a future war in the arrangements ending the war before it. When you read about some of the actions by the victors of WWI you almost want to shake the leaders and make them realize that they are setting the stage for WWII with their cruel decisions- but I am not saying that WWII was just or anything, I'm just saying it probably would not have happened the same way if the Allies had not acted the way they did at Versailles.

As mentioned above, I am now in the world of baking for Christmas. Whenever I think of my Christmas job, I realize that it is all such a blur. If you have ever worked at the bakery over Christmas break you know that, at one point you are standing there, rolling cookie dough and listening to the movie "Elf" (I say listening, because you are working and cannot stop to watch lol), and all of a sudden it's Christmas Eve and you are walking home with a big tray of cookies thinking, "What...the... heck just happened?" At that point you notice that you have the lines from the movie Elf memorized because over the 2 weeks at the bakery, you have managed to listen to it about 4 times a day.

It is like some sort of time warp or a movie like "Bourne Identity" where, once you finally stop to think of what is going on, it's over. The only problem with this comparison, is that, instead of going out on missions for the government, you are baking thousands of cookies..or...are you?

I guess what I am trying to say is that, Christmas break goes really fast for me. I get to work at the bakery, which is awesome :) and then all of a sudden it is Christmas and then New Years.

'Til then, 'til then...