Friday, May 12, 2006

Mitch Blue's post

Friday! Friday! Friday! Yeah! So, tonight is the concert and Im so excited for it. I still need to get stuff ready and I think the reed is going to snap the next time I play it but thats ok. Someone should really comment on here cuz I feel lonely!

"Swanee how I love ya,
how I love ya
My dear old Swanee
I'd give the world to be
Among the folks in D-I-X-I even know my
Mammy's waitin' for me prayin' for me
Down by the Swanee
The folks up North will see me no more
When I go to the Swanee shore."
Gershwin is the shiznit! (not as a bad word!) raz ma taz

Friday, May 05, 2006


People are very weird. OK...Changing subjects...If you haven't seen Mikes link go to Type in your name where it says your name..go figure!

"Our school is not a democracy..just ask Cuba!"

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Your face!

Because Mike brought up what happens when finals week comes, Ill let you into the minds of students with senioritis.

"Well, thats like saying, I wont cut off my arm but Ill cut off my finger."-M
"But would you rather have 9 fingers or one arm?"-B
"Oh, the logic!" -teacher

"I was thinking about starting my paper thats due tomorrow but then I was like, no."

"The french fries of revenge taste salty and cold!"

Oh, and since someone mentioned Law and Order SVU...well, ok no one did but, Ive missed sooo much. I miss Olivia! Elliot and Olivia..they just go together! Ok Im not the biggest fan, I only just started watching last year but still! Oh, and Kill Bill 2 is still an awesome movie!