Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Your face!

Because Mike brought up what happens when finals week comes, Ill let you into the minds of students with senioritis.

"Well, thats like saying, I wont cut off my arm but Ill cut off my finger."-M
"But would you rather have 9 fingers or one arm?"-B
"Oh, the logic!" -teacher

"I was thinking about starting my paper thats due tomorrow but then I was like, no."

"The french fries of revenge taste salty and cold!"

Oh, and since someone mentioned Law and Order SVU...well, ok no one did but, Ive missed sooo much. I miss Olivia! Elliot and Olivia..they just go together! Ok Im not the biggest fan, I only just started watching last year but still! Oh, and Kill Bill 2 is still an awesome movie!

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