Monday, July 12, 2010

Just as I thought...

Twilight: Eclipse was so incredible....not. I really didn't expect it to be based on the hilarity that is known as the "baseball" scene of the first movie in the series. Usually, I try not to judge a movie if I didn't read the book, but come on! They have to play baseball during thunderstorms because the sound coming from the contact between their baseball bat and the baseball is so loud that it would attract a crowd. What?! I'm honestly surprised they didn't have some sort of high school musical like dance scene about their love of baseball.

Just when you think the scene can't get worse, in come the floaty guys. lol!

The movie is basically a longer version of the junk that is on ABC family right now. Everything is instant gratification. I heard an interesting theory on the Today Show this morning...not that I look to the Today Show for brilliant ideas...hahah no. Anyway, one of the talking heads said that the reason America is not really into soccer is because we are a country of instant gratification. Soccer matches could go to the very end without scoring a goal.

I know I get annoyed during football games when a team hasn't scored during the first quarter let alone having to wait the entire first half.