Thursday, January 08, 2009

Four Sweater Vests

Howdy ya'll!

So, Christmas break is almost over for me and I just picked up my books for the new semester...blah.

Now my loyal readers (all 1 of may wonder, I ask myself, "What have you been doing this whole time and why have you deprived me (myself and I) of some worthwhile blogging material?"

After apologizing to myself and promising to buy myself some more of those wonderful Betty Crocker mini delight cake thingies... think that's what they are called, I finally settled down and Not an easy thing to do!

Anyway, Christmas break was pretty productive for my standards. I worked at the bakery again which was loads or shall I say cups of fun...ok that sounded funnier in my head. It was intense but a great job b/c the people that work there are soooo nice!

On Christmas Eve, our family had Wigilla and I posted a Polish song on here. Me, my brothers, and two of my little cousins sang that song in Polish and then English to our Grandma as an early Christmas present. Now I dont know if the Polish sounded great but we did our best and our Grandma really liked it so Im happy.

After Christmas I pretty much just hang around the house. Michael and I went to see the Benjamin Button movie which was very good and left me with a renewed appreciation for life at all stages and a love of should see it.

After New Years me, Kates, and my Clone had a "stupid movie marathon" which included Troll 2 and Legend. I will never think of Tom Cruise the same way again :(.

After the marathon, Katie finally forced Amanda and me to watch Dr. Horrible. She had told me about it a long time ago and other people had recommended it to me but I kept forgetting to watch it. Now that I have watched it...I love it! I ended up downloading the album. Dr. Horrible for president!

And so beings the increasingly quick final push toward the new semester. I'm sure I'll like some of my classes I just hate classes in general. It will be nice to see everyone again and get to work as vice president. I hope I do ok. P4MAIP4U

I leave you with some Polish people correctly singing the song that we attempted to sing to our Grandma...

Dzisiaj w Betlejem