Thursday, June 09, 2005


Its true. Too much glitter can kill you. Well I think so anyway, when you have to vacuum it up. Yes, work was work as usual. The good thing about it is Im meeting new people and you are forced to talk to eachother when walking everywhere. Darn van! I really dont think alot of people could deal with our type of job, as Jess and I were talking about. The trick is to make it fun and not pass out. Hopefully I will always look back at the good times such as "foooom"(the way Jess says foam) and BUCKets! Ok then, busy weekend coming. Later days and till then, till then, I am as I ever was and ever shall be yours, yours, yours, yours, yours! Saltpeter, John. Pins, Abigail. For God's sake, John sit down!
Your obidient, Silverstride (go watch 1776!)
Queen of the Numberts

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