Monday, March 07, 2005

Oh boy...(sigh)

Well, today was the "big walk out." If you didnt know about it, a bunch of people left school during 1st lunch to protest Coach Bahen being fired. The thing that bugs me is that some of the people that left told me that they hate him and his class and now they want him back. I think teenagers just like to protest...they just like the drama of it, well, they are all outside in the rain now. Whatever, and what kills is that there are alumni out there too. Mostly the parents of the kids who walked out and now news 9 and 7 are reporting (well, thats what ive been told)Ok well, im gonna go now! cya! later days!!!

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Silverstride said...

Well, it did accomplish something but the thing is most of the people that went out just wanted a reason to get out of school. People...blah.