Friday, July 01, 2005

Historical Context

I like this background. Its very calming. Do you guys like it? I only had to work till 10 today. It was nice to get out early, but I dont think we should have even had to come to work at all! *Sigh* Im sleepy, but I know if I take a nap, I wont be able to think clearly the rest of the day. If youve never talked me after a nap, you can pretty much understand what its like by looking at the post called Im a little tired...zzz. lalalala!

I wonder how practice for brass is going. I miss you guys. I remember last year when Miss R was talking about trying to make this band all brass, and then some of the brass people were all excited. Not all of them, just some. I know alot of people cant stand woodwinds because alot of what they hear doesnt sound great. Its not right to put the woodwinds down because they dont always sound great. Youve gotta understand, alot of our saxophones are broken beyond repair, and even if they are kinda fixed, things always end up breaking soon after. Im really not mad at anyone, Im just thinking about this stuff.

I just cant stand it when people are like, "Oh! No woodwinds today, we'll actually sound good." I know we do have some poeple who are still learning how to play, but dont say that to the rest of us. We have been working just as long as you guys have and I cant stand it when people question our playing skills. No, saxophone isnt my favorite instrument, but Ive got to play it anyway so people can almost, kinda hear me. And dont yell at the saxohones to try to be as loud as the brass, woodwinds arent built that way.

When we went in to choose what instruments we wanted to play, no one told us that if we picked woodwinds, we wouldnt be loud enough, or that people would constantly remind us that we were out of tune, or that we would be mocked. Thats not right. I mean, I love brass, I really mean it! You guys are great, you sound really good together, but we cant help it if our instruments tend to break more often then yours do. Honestly, if clarinets were loud enough, I would have never switched,I know how to play that instrument, I actually took lessons on it, thats why I love concerts! So, if you ever hear a woodwind having a hard time with a note or something, dont just think, "Oh, its a woodwind, they obviously havent worked hard enough" No, we have worked just as hard as you have to master our instruments, so dont ever look down on us. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."
Till then...
PS-This rant wasnt sparked by anything that anyone did this year, it was pretty much just built up over time and I just thought I should lay it down.

I really do love the brass, I like to listen to God's music from the trumpets and the angelic tones produced by Jess and Sassy(who I get to practice with) and, of course, low brass, well, what can I say, you guys rock. And we are a part of your section whether you like it or not,cya!


Silverstride said...

Please comment on this post.

Mo said...

Amanda I miss you too! But we have full band on Tuesday!! :)

I'm sorry if I ever did anything to make you guys feel worthless because I do understand that your instruments are different from ours & they're not designed to be as loud or anything like that. I just think that if it were an all-brass band there wouldn't be so much contrast with sound and stuff! You guys are amazing so don't let any people make you guys feel of any less worth than you are!!! Love lots!!!

Silverstride said...

No Mo, youve never done anything to put us down. I just think that if we did have an all brass band we'd be missing so many good parts. I mean, since weve added flutes, you can hear all the fun parts they play.

Chris said...



i dont like that instruments TENOR AND CLARY WROCK