Thursday, August 11, 2005

Maybe I'll see you at Walmart sometime!

Yay! Today was my last day of work 4 the summer! Can I get an "Oh yeah!" .... I can't hear you!...whatever.So, whats going on in the life of me? Hmm...just got back from practice. It went pretty well except for the big lines and such. Guide center!!!! Well, whatever. Of course Ohio State showed up and gave some advice and totally messed Kates up. Poor Kates! Why am I calling her that? I'm gonna miss Ann so much! It was really fun working on that crew! So many cool people...Im thirsty! Sunny D time! I have such a desire to knock heads together! Till then...later days.


Mo said...

OHHHH YEAH!!! w00t yay manders! Ren. Fest. on SUNDAY TO CELEBRATE! :)

Lemonfire said...

Kates? kinda like randomly calling you manders