Monday, August 15, 2005

Tears from the forehead

The Renaissance Festival was soooooo fun! I think just the fact that the rides were run by pirates made it great. I think the fairies loved us cuz we stayed and talked to them 4 almost an hour! I don't really feel like typing out everything that happened so I'll just type a bunch of things that I remember from the whole experience...

Chocolate chip pancakes, bucket, blue, trumpet guy in the woods, "no haste whatsoever", Jess elected leader, freaky people with masks, mustard seed, sir show and tell, crow’s nest, pirate guys ;), roses, sir tom, sir mo, and sir ash, staggered over here and died...over there, box of mystery, more of the 3 knights, mud show, "oh! Your parents are fancy!” die!, final episode of the knights, big smiley! big winkay! kissy face!

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Mo said...

OH Amanda, that was the best day ever! :-)