Monday, September 12, 2005

That's alright I must confess

Talk like a pirate day is September 19! Thats right! Its coming! And if youre cool, you will celebrate it!!!!


mikeg said...


Silverstride said...

Arr! That's right huzza! It tis it tis a glorious thing to be a pirate king!

The Cow said...

I suppose it *is* possible for a girl to get cooler that you already were!

Gilbert and Sullivan 4evah, dawg.

I love the Pirates of Penzance like nothing else. "With Catlike Tread" is basically my favorite song in the history of the earth, not counting a couple of my other favorite songs.

But rock on, in any case.

Silverstride said...

Man! You are awesome!

Chris said...

With cat-like tread! BOOM
Upon our prey we steal! BOOM
In silence dread BOOOM
our cautious way we feel BOOM

No sound at all! BOOOM
we never speak a word! BOOM
A fly's footfall would be distinctly heard!

Tarantara, tarantara

Chris said...

w00t, manders! You have to remind me about that "talk like a pirate" day on the 19th.... or else I'll probably forget ;)