Friday, January 06, 2006

In the Glory...

One of my teachers was talking about the mining accident yesterday. She said that they interviewed one of the wives or mothers of a miner that was killed. She said, "You might think we're all dumb here but we love our families/each other." When people act like snobs because they think they are "more advanced," than you, just laugh it off. Obviously they've got some issues to work out within themselves. Most of the time, when they act like that it's because either they feel insecure about themselves or they know that youre actually happier in life. In the big scheme of things, when this is all over, class,gender,and race won't matter and, if the people I was talking about want to believe it or not, it wont matter how much you know (learned in school). What will really matter is if you used life for the glory of God, or yourself.

"If thou reliest more upon thine own reason or industry than upon the virtue that subjects to Jesus Christ, thou wilt seldom and hardly become an enlightened man; for God wishes us to be perfectly subject to Himself, and to transcend all reason by inflamed love."
-Thomas a Kempis Of the Imitation of Christ Bk. 1 Ch. 4 v. 13

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