Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thy name is Chaz D

Just got back from the schools open house. It was basically a chance for the kids in 7/8th grade or home school and their parents to come in and meet the faculty and organizations. Me and Chris were in charge of the band table. We really didn’t do much, just kind of sat there and talked. At the beginning we just watched the slide show that was playing at our table. People showed up but no one really wanted to talk to the different clubs; they just walked around and ate cookies. It’s really sad that every ten years the school gets smaller by 30% or something close to that.

While we were there we heard about the father of one of my classmates getting killed at work in the mill. Life is crazy but its all for a purpose. Please pray for the family and friends and the repose of his soul. Actually, please pray for the entire school because in the past few months we have been losing people that are very close to the school and you can tell the student body and staff are really hurting. Everything’s been kind of depressing...and besides all of the stuff at school, Scout isn’t doing very well either, poor little puppy.... hopefully ill post again soon.

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