Wednesday, October 04, 2006

my town

Yes, Im proud of my town. ive lived here all my life and Im going to school here. One thing that has really started to bug me is how many people say how dirty the town is. I know there is pollution, I know that studies have been done on how polluted the air once was but do these people ever stop to think about the locals. the locals who, although some do not like to admit it, have grown up in this town. some peoples parent's parents grew up in this town! how would you feel if you invited someone to stay in your home and all they do is complain about how dirty it is. people complain about the water being dirty, maybe it is, people complain the smell of the mills, yeah maybe you can tell you are next to a couple steel mills but those mills were the life of the valley. thats how our valley survived and now they are dying. these people dont realize it, but when they insult the town they are insulting the very people that live here! the children of steel workers, their parents who are the children of people who helped make this valley what it is. sure, drink bottled water, buy super conditioner because our water dries your hair out, but dont you insult the town. i know its small, but it has a big heart!

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your clone said...

I love Steubenville!!!! I love that fact that it smells funny and that the steel mills are right there! There is no other way to live. =)