Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I know it's not March but...

I was doing some research on St. Patrick and he's a pretty awesome guy!

"God, whom we announce to you, is the Ruler of all things."

"The God of heaven and earth, of the sea and the rivers."

"The God of the sun, and the moon, and all the stars."

"The God of the high mountains and of the lowlying valleys."

"The God who is above heaven, and in heaven, and under heaven."

"His dwelling is in heaven and earth, and the sea, and all therein."

"He gives breath to all."

"He gives life to all."

"He is over all."

"He upholds all."

"He gives light to the sun."

"He imparts splendour to the moon."

"He has made wells in the dry land, and islands in the ocean."

"He has appointed the stars to serve the greater lights."

"His Son is co-eternal and co-equal with Himself."

"The Son is not younger than the Father."

"And the Father is not older than the Son."

"And the Holy Ghost proceeds from them."

"The Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost are undivided."

"But I desire by Faith to unite you to the Heavenly King, as you are daughters of an earthly king."

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