Monday, April 23, 2007


Ive decided that since Mike wrote an end of the school year post, I want to write an end of the school year post!

So, today is Musical Monday (and no, Katie, I don't actually mean Thursday) the 23rd of April. I can't believe it! This is the last full week of my first year in college! Its insane! It really is. Next week we have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday(sort of) as normal classes, and then Thursday is our reading day. So we get to study on that day and then exams officially begin that Friday. I have my CMP exam on the Wed. before reading day because its a night class.

That Friday I have an exam at 8 in the morning and than one on Saturday at 10:30. My final exam is on Monday at 2:30. I don't really have a test for my early experience, just a final conference. I do have one final presentation this Friday, but, besides that, not much to think about besides exams. I really want to make it to the CCHS show choir concert and the All Saints Talent show. I hope I can go! If not good luck!!!

Summer should be fun because everyone will be home. I really want to go on some type of road trip with my brothers and friends. That'd be sweet! So, til then, til then. I am, as I ever was and ever shall be...yours, yours, yours, yours, yours....saltpeter(sp?)pins!

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Katie said...

you had exams on friday and saturday? weird. We had thursday and friday as reading days, and exams all this week. I still have physics tomorrow and biochem thursday. Then lots of frantic packing that will most likely start early friday morning. yay!
I'll be home late Friday