Friday, May 04, 2007


I'm not sure what time I actually fell asleep but my roommate came in from studying around 2am. For some reason when she came in I thought my alarm had gone off so I got out of bed and walked over to my closet to find clothes to wear.
roomie: Amanda, what are you doing?
me: I'm getting ready for my exam
(in a voice that would involve me saying "duh!" at the end of the sentence.)
roomie: it's 2 in the morning
me: i know! (getting annoyed, but obviously I didnt know)
roomie: what? are you getting up to study or something?
me: no, i just have to pick clothes out
(at this point I was wondering why she was so interested in what I was doing)
roomie: Amanda, are you sleeping?
me: no! (even more annoyed)

Then I realized how dark it was and decided to get back in bed. As soon as I got in bed I realized what was going on but before I could tell me roomie that I was sleep walking before but was awake now, I fell asleep.


Silverstride said...

Why didn't she understand my need to get ready 6 hours in advance?

Chris said...

hahah... ohh i hate it when that happens.

one time i went to bed around 8 (st. agnes days) and iw oek up at 10 and started getting my uniform on. i went in the living room and my mom was sitting htere and i stood there and said "were you up all night??"

Katie said...

After spring break, I had a calc exam at 8 am. I woke up randomly at 1:15(which was only 20 minutes after I had gone to bed, weirdly enough) and told my roomie that we should both probably get up or we'd be late for our exams. Sam calmly pointed out the time, and I rejoiced in the fact that I still had more time to sleep. The weird thing was when I really did wake up, I couldn't remember if that had actually happend. But, oh, it did.