Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You may think that you are safe there.... is another post!

I know I havent updated in a while but just to be fair, not a lot of people have. Well, I really can't tell with Chris' blog cuz he made it private or something...what the heck is Wednesday and I'll be moving back into Tommy More on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to seeing my buddies again but I hate the whole moving in and getting organized thing. I always end up forgetting where I put things anyway and the re-organize a week later.

Hmm, what else is going on. Oh! "Teeth" went amazingly wonderful! Both nights we had great crowds and they all seemed to love it! I swear I'm gonna have the songs and quotes in my head for a few months! Hopefully everything goes ok with the cds and dvds.

My brothers are already moved in and I already miss them. This is always an annoying time of year b/c they end up moving in a week b4 I do and I get bored easily. I dont know how people on quarters do it.

While typing that last sentence I heard my dog barking outside and realized that I didnt let him out. I guess he jumped through the front door screen (which was already ripped by him) and walked around the house. I found him in front of our neighbor's house and grabbed his collar. Whoa! Im still shaking....

Anyway, I guess thats it. Good luck to everyone starting their new school year, especially Chris. I hope everything is cool and you like your classes 'n' such. Just *relax* and you'll be fine.

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Chris said...

weeeeeeeeee ill change me blog settings soon so u guys can read it. weird. lol

thanks for the advice. hope you have a great year too!!! :D