Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Haunting flowers

Hey guys,

I had some time before class so I was looking through some of my old posts and then decided to post something new.

I'm not sure if that last sentence made sense, but, what the heck, its 10:24 in the morning.

Usually I would be waking up about now for my 11am class but I got up early and didnt feel like going back to sleep. Dont get me wrong, Im really tired, but then again, when am I not tired?

Today is the beginning of the rest of your life! No, I dont know why I just said that, today is the beginning of the final stretch of the semester. This is the first day of classes for this week because yesterday was Easter Monday.

I pray that everyones Easter was wonderful and refreshing enough to get them through the rest of the semester.

Classes are going ok, my intimidating class isnt so bad right now, so, thats good.

I just feel like Im floating through life right now. Like Im just dreaming and its not really happening. Maybe I procrastinate too much, no, not maybe, I do procrastinate too much. I can see it when I read my old posts.

I dont know, maybe next semester will be better b/c it will be a little bit closer to normal. Im gonna miss Emily but Carrie and Jess will be here. Maybe that will wake me up.

Oh, Chris, I'm sorry I didn't really say much when you picked Matthew up to go back to school. I haven't been feeling well lately and was kinda zoned out. How you doin?


Anonymous said...


i ddint say much either, we were in a hurry n stuff i bet. your hair looks nice - did u get it cut n colored? seemed darker than before. then again i havent actually SEEN you in a couple fortnights, at least.
im purty good, i forgot how to log in to my blog so i havent posted ina while. i hope i can get this comment to work.

have a good rest of the Easter Season and with it a standably decent rest o' semester, lass! byeeeeeeeeeee

Silverstride said...

yeah, I got it cut but I didnt color it at all. maybe its just gotten darker in the winter, that does happen because of the lack of sunlight.

anyway, I hope you update your blog soon, now that youve remembered your login stuff.

happy Easter to you as well and good semester stuff!