Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Eat your cherries now!

Yes, it's Wed. night and I just finished my homework...yippee! lol! I love being in the choir b/c we get to sing awesome songs like the "magnificat" if that's spelled right. That song just puts me in the right mind set for mass. I was watching the today show this morning and something really made me mad!!!! In England(or somewhere close) they have a nativity, well, that's cool, but instead of the traditional Mary,Joesph, Kings, and others, they have wax figures of celebs! For Mary, they have one of the spice girls and Joesph is that famous soccer player...guy! I can't remember who everyone was,it just made me sooooo mad! Luckily, they had a normal Jesus figure. Some people are so obsessed with celebrities! KK gtg! Bye ya'll! lol!

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