Sunday, December 05, 2004


Wow! I have my own blog! Now I can complain about things to people, other than Chris!'s Sunday night and I'm bored. We had the Steubenville Christmas parade on Satuday, the show choir concert is on Friday, and I'm sure there's more. I'm sooo glad I didn't start taking driving yet! Combined with all this stuff... it would be chaos! That's a fun word! Try it! Say it like it's Spanish! Whoa! I am bored! My brothers seem to have fallen off the face of the earth! If one of you is reading this, call home!!!! Are you lost or just busy? Are you in Europe? Do you need an adapter? Well,I guess that's it. I'm not going to update thiseveryday like some people do because,well, I just don't feel like it! So there! You'll just have to deal! lol! Farewell!

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