Saturday, April 23, 2005

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I wrote this during school when I was feeling really depressed about my vlass and my generation in general. Junior represents my class and after you read it, you have to read the first letter of each paragraph in order. Youll see...

Junior doesnt care what day it is,
he doesnt want to get up,
and he doesnt have to,
no ones making him.

Everyone asks,
"Why get up in the morning?"
It's the weekend,
he wants to sleep.

Someone once told him why,
they said something about life,
or death,
or maybe both,
it doesnt bother him.

Usually he wouldnt listen to this person,
because no one else will,
but something stuck in his head.

Something this person told him,
made him think a little,
about how he should act,
who he should be.

Someone once told him,
how he should live,
why he should live,
and who he should live for.

Attitide is his problem,
he cant get over it,
his pride is what kills him,
his ignorance destroys.

Values and morals dont matter,
theyre for the weak,
all that the person told him,
he forgot.

Everyone tells him what to do,
he pretends to have fun,
he pretends that nothing bothers him,
life is all a party.

Something the stranger told him,
it stuck in his head,
too bad he cant remember,
and he falls back to sleep.


mikeg said...

Darn good. It's dead on.

xtremeboccee said...

sweet poem. It's a lot easier to write a good poem when you have actual inspiration rather than creative writing assaignments. Too bad more people don't think like you did with this poem