Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lord of Random Comments

So, its Thursday, about 4 o' clock and my brothers just got home. Im really excited about going to see Star Wars. I hope I can. I should find that out sometime soon. So now I guess Im Darth Stella. lol! Thats cool, I can live with that. Being a sith seems like it would be more fun! So the pizzacos at lunch really werent that good today. Blah! Luckily Phil took care of mine. Ok, well this post really isnt going anywhere. I guess I should stop typing now. Yeah...............later days!


mikeg said...

I'll pizzaco you!

Silverstride said...

Pizzaco-a pizza wrapped up like a taco,(name created by KBo and me from when we wrapped up our pizza at fish fry!The cafeteria took our idea!)