Monday, November 28, 2005

Lack of Comments

There has been a serious lack of comments on all of my favorite blogs and I want to know why? Where are you guys? Christmas shopping or something, get them a tie they'll love it. Anyway, I just remembered a story that a priest had in his homily last Christmas and I wanted to share it with you! (I'm sooo nice!)

So, there was an old man that lived pretty far away from the rest of his family. Every year when Christmas came around he would have to leave his house for a full day of shopping and then he would have to deal with shipping the presents he bought for his far away relatives. One year he decided it was too much trouble so he thought he would send them money. He got his big stack of checks and started signing all of the Christmas cards and on each he would write the cheerful note of "go buy your own presents" since he never knew what to get them anyway. He took the cards and sent them to the houses of his relatives. A few weeks passed and he had gotten no "thank yous" or any response for that matter. He was very troubled.

A few weeks later he was cleaning off his desk and found a stack of checks which he forgot to send. Then he realized that all he gave his relatives were cards that said, "go buy your own presents!"

lol! I thought it was funny!

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