Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Is this clock right?

I never know if the clocks in this school are right! Even the computer clocks are off!
Well, whatever the time is, it's almost time for Thanksgiving break! Just a little more time in school and then JCDA stuff then I get to go home! Besides cleaning the house and the stress of people coming over, I like thanksgiving. I had study hall yesterday and right b4 the bell rang the coach said, "I know alot of you think that you have nothing to be thankful for but remember, you have 2, 2, 2, and 2," as he pointed around the room. What he meant was that we should be thankful that we have 2 ears, 2eyes, 2 arms, and 2, legs. If for nothing else , we should be thankful for that. Even though I have to clean my house, I should still be thankful for my family that Im cleaning for. Thank God for every blessing that you have! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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