Friday, November 18, 2005

Why is this sooo funny?

I dont know why I remember this so well but I was watching tv, ok, I was flipping through really, but anway, I came across a cartoon that I had seen b4 so I started to watch. (In the show, the main kid can fly)
This is what I heard:
"Oh, I laugh at gravity all the time! Gravity...hahaha!"
ve also noticed that Full House is actually pretty funny. In an episode I just saw it's Danny's b-day and Jess decides to get seat covers for Danny' car. On the way back from the store, Jess wrecks Danny's car and he(Danny) is in shock. The next day, Danny is reading a book to Michelle. What he says is really funny!
(in an excited tone)
"oh look! it's mr. dog! what sound does mr. dog make?" -D
turns the page*
"oh look! it's mr. pig! what sound does mr. pig make?"-D
turns the page and stares*
"oh look....its mr car.....what sound does mr car make?" -D
"that car doesnt make any sound because he's dead..."

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