Friday, November 18, 2005

J.C., G.W., and M.G. are best buddies!

So, parade practice wasn't as bad as I thought it was. When I did the last post on it I was having a pretty good day, then I went to lunch and after lunch my day kept getting worse. Maybe it was b/c I knew that I had to do about 40 more notecards when I got home or maybe it was the fact that I still needed it finish my weaving, single-thread-knot thing, and the back/blanket stitches. With all of that stuff to do and annoying people in my class, let's just say, I had a bad day. I really wasn't looking forward to practice b/c I knew we would be parade marching and Ive already expressed my fear of that. We started out on the field to do the halftime show for this week and ITS NOT THE COLLEGE SHOW, then we walked up to the back parking lot to play through the parade music. Well, the first song was good and the second song was....terrible and we were standing still. After that we lined up and began to march out of the back parking lot. This was what I really wasnt looking forward to! The wind was blowing, it was really cold, and there were potholes everywhere! After such a bad day, I was sure it was about to get worse but actually, it got better. I feel bad for saying this but we sounded terrible! The wind was blowing our music around so much that none of us could to it to even attempt to play. To tell you the truth, it made me feel a little better. I wish I couldve seen what we looked like from a window! It must have been hilarious! I guess what my long, rambling story is supposed to do is to remind me that I shouldnt worry so much about everything and just laugh it off, and if that doesnt work, Chris will probably offer you a lollipop.


mikeg said...

JC, GW, and MG are best buddies?
What is that supposed to mean?
It better not have anything to do with Jesus, George Washington, and me!

Silverstride said...

That's right Mr. I'm so cool cuz I hang out with the Savior of everything and a past president!