Monday, January 09, 2006

Mondays, boy I hate Mondays! They make me so steamed! Weekend's, I live for the weekends! Oh yeah! Long title!

Ive been listening to Matt Maher's Kyrie and I forgot how beautiful it is! You should definitely get some of his music. Go to the store and tell them I sent you...wait, on second thought, don't mention my name or you will be throw out of the store.
Just to warn you!
Kyrie Eleison; Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie Eleison, (chorus:Kyrie Eleison) Kyrie Eleison (chorus:Kyrie Eleison)

God of reconciliation,
heal our wounds in darkest times
(Kyrie Eleison) chorus:Kyrie Eleison

In the midst of fear and violence
make our lives a prayer of peace
(Criste Eleison) chorus:Criste Eleison

Father of the broken hearted
guide us home to heaven's shores
(Kyrie Eleison)chorus:Kyrie Eleison

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mikeg said...

Heck yes! Both times!