Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The last dance...

So, I thought Id do one more real post before the semester ends. I mean, I might take a break from studying to post a link, but I dont consider that real posting for me.

Finals start soon. Actually I have three the day after tomorrow. Should be scrumtralesent.

Phone conversation with my Mom about studying:

"Ok, you go study." - Mom
"No, Yugoslavia....hahahaha"(insane geeky laughter)- me

ok, it really wasnt that funny, but Ive gotta get all of this finals week excitement out now before the nazis arrive.

If my readers (Me, my Mom, my Dad, my brothers, and occasionally a few others) dont recall, my dorm is going into what we call Nazi hours tomorrow. This means no talking in any common areas (hallways,bathrooms, lobbies....) and if you must talk in your room, do it quietly. If an RA stands next to your door and hears you, youre talking too loudly. You might say this is a little ridiculous, I disagree. I think its completely mental(Sorry, Im talking like Ron Weasly now)

well, what can ya do? you can shut up and run from the nazis! baaaaaa!(
sorry its a joke from teeth- the narrator abuses the audience a lot and then does this thing with his hands to let you know hes joking...anyway)

Ill probably be posting that Night Before Finals thing again. Cya!


Chris said...

and if that RA thing baaahtas you, well hten, uh i dunno, maybe you can play a little game I like to call GET OVER IT!!

Silverstride said...