Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Very interesting!

Didn't I write a post that was kinda about this? About how we were given ribbons for being "special" and how it won't help us?

Yes I did!

"They've been told they were special since the day they were born. Their idea of one-on-one is text-messaging, but they love groups and are great team players. They don't wear watches. They find the time on their cellphones. They never had their own alarm clock. Mama got them up. Nickelodeon, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Pottery Barn for Kids, Gap Kids. For goodness' sake, Las Vegas even went family.

"Parents – both boomers and Gen Xers – thought they could give their kids self-esteem, forgetting that each one of us earns our own self-esteem."

Thanks for sending this Mom!

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