Monday, April 07, 2008

Does anybody see what I see?!

I've been watching this mini series on HBO recently and I really suggest you watch it if you get a chance. The series is called John Adams and it really shed some light on the founding father who usually gets forgotten in the mist of giants like Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson. I've become interested in the life of Adams ever since I first watched the musical 1776. The musical takes its creative liberties or course, but it really opened my eyes to the life of John Adams and his unique personality. As an author says in the video, Adams knew what it was to be a citizen. He did what he believed and did it with all of his strength, even if no one was supporting him. Of course, he did have Abigail behind him to help him along the way and Jefferson also assisted him in the beginning, but Jefferson turned out to be a great enemy during Adam's presidency and it wasnt until the end of their lives did they begin correspondanc again.

Its very, check it out!

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Chris said...

I saw an advert about that, and thought it was cool-- have to watch it sometime!